Foamo is a fictional company that offers indulgent foaming skin care products, including foaming gel body wash and foaming face wash that 'gently cleanses while invigorating the senses.' The products are offered in various fresh, fruity scents, from wild blueberry and Meyer lemon to blood orange and grapefruit. Customers are able to select their own fruit scent combo to customize their skincare ritual.
I developed the primary and secondary logo, logomark, color palette, and brand pattern. Using the new visual identity, I developed product mockups, including body wash and face wash bottles, product boxes, and thank you cards to help the client visualize the products and bring the brand to life.
This project was done as a part of a brand design challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to develop a brand identity for Foamo to help sell their fruit-scented foaming gel body wash. All aspects outside of the foaming gel body wash product were developed by myself to create a more rounded and unique brand.
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