SARA TETZLOFF - Former coworker at Soul Seed Strategy, LLC
"Hannah is a dream. I had the pleasure of working with her at Soul Seed Strategy, where she served as a visual designer and digital marketing specialist for most of our clients. 
Hannah generates thoughtfully on-brand and consistently great ideas across various branding and marketing touchpoints. She strategically plans digital marketing activations, including paid social, paid search, and more. Hannah is thorough from the beginning to the end of each project, managing each detail while being cognizant of time and budget. She takes direction and feedback very well and is also skilled at taking initiative as needed. Hannah is the definition of a team player, has a great attitude, and makes the work and team better. Every organization needs a Hannah. I can't recommend her enough."
AMBER SWENOR - Current employer at Soul Seed Strategy, LLC
"Hannah is reliable, creative, and talented! I’ve had the privilege of working with her for over five years as she’s been a team member at my company Soul Seed, and over that time she has demonstrated reliability, talent, and follow through! Hannah came on board with our team early on in my company and has displayed a willingness to tackle new projects, learn new things, and has grown tremendously in design skills and marketing abilities. We have worked together on multiple website designs, brand designs, social media campaigns, digital marketing, and brand packaging. My company and our clients would not be where they are without Hannah’s wonderful contributions!
Hannah brings forth absolutely beautiful creative designs with attention to detail. On top of it, she is kind, thoughtful, and fun and is an absolute joy to work with! I can’t recommend Hannah enough!"
ESSIE JENNINGS - Former coworker at Soul Seed Strategy, LLC
"Hannah is the epitome of a go-getter. She greets the many challenges of marketing intelligently and enthusiastically. Hannah has a passion for design and a wealth of knowledge from her constant learning and researching. She also shines in analytics and marketing operations and fluently works behind the scenes of websites and digital campaigns. I can highly recommend Hannah for any team - she will definitely be an asset!"
ALEXA GORMAN - Current coworker at Soul Seed Strategy, LLC
"I've worked with Hannah for almost two years and it's such a delightful experience. Hannah's creativity, expertise, and attitude create an environment in which everyone wants to rise to their best ability. Her professionalism with clients gives them confidence and her clear communication throughout the projects helps keep everyone organized and on-track. When she approaches a new design or ad, she brings a fresh perspective and challenges the team to approach things from a new angle, which results in more dynamic, successful outcomes. Hannah's eye for detail and passion for design shines in everything she does."
EMILY BISSEN - Client of Soul Seed Strategy, LLC
"Hannah is one of the easiest and most thoughtful people to work with. She made the process of building out my website project easy and fun. Since the site launched, she has been the point person I've worked with to make updates and changes to the site. She not only helped me with what needed to be done but also shared Loom Videos showing me how it was done so I could do some of these updates myself. Hannah has an eye for design and functionality and I absolutely love the work we've done together. I highly recommend working with her for any brand or creative design work."
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