The Happy Horse Yoke, developed by Laughing Horse Innovations, is a training tool that provides a unique way for horse and rider to connect in a way that is gentle and effective and leads to a happier relationship between equestrian and equine. The tool allows for smoother aids so both horse and rider can focus on the positioning and form that allows for the most effective riding.
The team at Laughing Horse was selling the Yoke successfully to friends and at horse shows but were seeking help with promoting it to a larger audience. We partnered with their team and developed their brand identity, which included a primary logo, logomark, color palette, and typography, their e-commerce website, a rack card to display and distribute at future horse shows and events, and a pricing hang tag for the Yoke.
I was responsible for the planning, strategy, design, and execution of all brand and graphic design and website design efforts.
Web Design Decisions
When designing the website, sharp lines and the use of boxes and squares were avoided as much as possible because we wanted to keep the brand design cohesive with the main product - the Happy Horse Yoke, which is a rounded rope training tool.
To represent the rounded quality of the main product, and to portray a fun and playful vibe, we utilized colored shapes and misshapen images, flowing backgrounds, curved section dividers, and rounded buttons.
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