Kegonsa Plumbing and Kegonsa Remodeling and Design are sister companies that provide plumbing, remodeling, design, and general contracting services in Madison, Wisconsin. Kegonsa Plumbing came to us in 2018 for a website and logo redesign and marketing services to increase awareness amongst homeowners in the Greater Madison area and increase leads for what was just a plumbing business at the time. As a part of the brand redesign, I developed an updated color palette and brand fonts and provided photography direction for the new website. 
In May 2020, Kegonsa Plumbing launched Kegonsa Remodeling and Design due to its success and expansion of services. With the launch of the new brand, our team worked with Kegonsa to create a new website and logo for the Remodeling and Design business, a revamped website for Kegonsa Plumbing to match the new brand, and expanded marketing services, which included email marketing, content and video development, social media, and digital marketing for both businesses.
I was responsible for the planning, strategy, design, and execution of all website design, brand font and color development, logo design for Kegonsa Remodeling and Design, logo direction for Kegonsa Plumbing, photography direction, email marketing, content and video development, and digital marketing efforts.
Digital Marketing Strategy
The digital marketing strategy was developed to promote the core services the Kegonsa brands offered - bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling, home additions, and plumbing services. Ads ran on Facebook/Instagram, Google Search and Display, and Nextdoor. 
The Digital Strategy Included: 
• Custom-developed conversion-oriented landing pages for each service to guide new customers to schedule a consultation.
• Conversion tracking and page tracking to monitor page performance and track leads associated with digital efforts.
• Copy and visual asset development with variations to undergo an ads testing process to find the best-performing assets to maximize clicks and leads.
Within Two Years, We Celebrated:
• $134,150 total revenue, approx. in 2020 (536% ROI)
• $203,735 total revenue, approx. in 2021 (1,184% ROI)
The Results
During our partnership, we celebrated the following wins:
• $337,855 total revenue generated from digital and marketing efforts.
• Assisted with the expansion of the business with discussions of creating a third brand in the near future.
• Repositioned the plumbing business to reach a higher-income audience to increase the business's revenue per lead. Transitioned from fixing leaky faucets and clogged toilets to bathroom remodeling with custom features and designs.
• Staff grew from 2 to 10+ 
• Grew from earning $40K/mo. in 2018 to being on track to earn $2.2M in 2021.
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