Serenity Pet Salon & Spa, Madison, Wisconsin’s premier dog grooming salon founded by internationally recognized pet groomer, Lis Johnston, provides a world-class grooming service in an environment of safety and fun, designed to minimize stress and increase happiness. Lis was in need of revamped brand visuals to match her updated brand identity after going through our agency's brand strategy process.
I was responsible for the planning, strategy, design, and execution of all logo and brand development.
A more modern font with a bit of flair was chosen for the primary typography, moving away from the traditional and predictable script, to speak to the brand's high-end, yet approachable feel. The owner's poodle, whose head is subtly featured in the center of the original flower, was made into a full-body line drawing instead, as the owner wished for her dog to remain a large part of the brand. The stroke of the line drawing was customized to match the varying widths of the primary typography to maintain consistency.
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